Hempweavers is a project set up by two passionate people, a weaver Helena Loermans and a painter and art historian Marta Pokojowczyk. The authors are creating handwoven canvases with European hemp and linen yarn both natural and in colour. With respect for the basis of both crafts Hempweavers construct unique and composed textures which may interact with paints. This crosses between two disciplines; weaving and painting. Hempweavers studios are located in Odemira, Portugal and Wroclaw, Poland. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by an email: helenaloermans@gmail.com or martapokojowczyk@gmail.com. Welcome and enjoy, Helena and Marta.
Hempweavers reunion in Poland! On a route of textured canvases (and warm coffeehouses;) Positive brainstorming...

The authors: Marta Pokojowczyk and Helena Loermans

Władysław Ślewiński

Władysław Podkowiński

Francesco Furini

twill canvas, Jan Matejko, "Konrad Wallenrod"

'mantelillo veneziano' canvas, woven by Hempweavers

time for a break... ;)

What is hidden at the back of the painting...? Visiting Städel Museum in Frankfurt am Main. 

James Ensor, one of my favourite painter.
Our new handwoven canvases, 130 x 140 cm each.

Hempweavers is one from five nominees to the Revista Mais Alentejo Award in the category ‘Mais Iniciativa':) If you like our project, vote for us! Here are a few suggestions how to do that:
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Thank you!

Production mood. New big size canvases for painting interfrences... Handwoven with hemp and linen.

close-up; canvas is 130 x 140 cm big. Soon we will publish an overview of the full canvas.

A package with a big canvas (140 x 60 cm) is ready to send to USA :) we offer worldwide shipping. Welcome in our webshop and stay tuned :) 

Hempweavers webshop 

A pleasure to announce that Hempweavers is one from five nominees to the Revista Mais Alentejo Award in the category "Mais Iniciativa'. We are very happy and proud :) 

snapshots of the article "The love between painting and weaving" from Mais Alentejo magazine, Helena Loermans and Marta Pokojowczyk